BPJEPS is a sports diploma in France which is classed at a level IV (equivalent to the French baccalaureate). Whoever obtains this diploma gets their professional sports educator card which allows them to coach and teach physical activities and sports in many different organizations, associations, sports centres or even become an personal coach and start a business.

BPJEPS Collective Sports Activities

The BPJEPS Collective Sports Activities is for all sports educators who want to specialize in collective sports or team sports. They animate activities in team sports for all people right to the first level of competition and conduct projects to develop and improve their structure.

For this type of diploma, there is the possibility of specializing in one or two of the following sports: BPJEPS Football, BPJEPS Basket-ball and BPJEPS Handball.

Formation BPJEPS ASC dans l'Oise

BPJEPS Physical Activities for All

The BPJEPS PAA (Physical Activities for All) is for all sports educators who can include all audiences to do different kinds of physical activity in a safe way. The holder of the BPJEPS PAA masters 3 aspects of physical activity:

Evasport your training center remains at your disposal for BPJEPS ASC and APT programs.

Financing your BPJEPS Course

Many options are available to finance your BPJEPS course according to your situation:

You wish to switch professions :

You are looking for a job:

You are an employee – Through your employer through the following options: