Invest in your Health

That’s living better and longer !

EVASPORT has one mission : to improve the lives of everyone. And to do so, we work in 3 complimentary domains.
Training tomorrow’s sports educators, responsible for the health of our kids..
Online trainings catered towards all those who want to live better lives.
Health coaching for all those who wish to have personal help to grow

Go beyound your limits through sports

EVASPORT strives towards your well-being. Our training center, which is accredited by the French Minister, trains sports coaches, offers training programs for well-being, sports and individual training sessions.
EVASPORT is made up of a staff of professionals in the sports and well-being sector to come up with accessible content for everyone.
Whatever your age, your professional situation, or your experience in sports, EVASPORT is here to accompany you beyond your limits.


A team made up of professionals to help you become the best version of yourself.

Individualized support, the trademark of EVASPORT


EVASPORT courses are more than just an addition of theoretic content. They are built as a real daily journey with trustworthy knowledge on one hand and practical suggestions on the other. You will have access to the contents of the training your whole life and you can follow the content at your own pace while applying what you learn through EVASPORT everyday to pave your way towards a better life day by day.


EVASPORT has reinvented coaching : At your disposal, you will have your own staff that offers you personalized follow-ups to help you achieve your goals to improve your well-being, your energy and your athletic performances. You will benefit from a “nutrihealth” program and personal follow-ups by your staff to take you beyond your limits.

They have lived this experience

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